"The tragedy of the unknown passenger"

    On a cold rainy morning, Ivan Mikhailovich left his house. The busy streets of St. Petersburg laid empty. It was cold spring of 1918. With every step, the sky became darker. A few years before people couldn’t even imagine what was about to happen. Ivan knew that he will never return. It was too late to stop the pinnacle of attainment, followed by the converge ideas of the benefit of capitalism. What people could not predict, is the destruction of bourgeoisie class by the communist party. Ivan had been actualizing his plan of escape. He was an aristocrat and wanted to preserve his capital moving to Finland, that did not share the opinion on Marx's theory of class struggle. He knew that Provisional Government would not last long. However, such a trip did not guarantee success, since no one could guarantee a safe travel at that time, especially carrying 100,000 Assignation Rubles.
    The train was about to depart, it was only 6 in the morning, as the streets began to be filled by passing people. The last-minute, the deft eyes of Ivan, noticed one strange passenger, that got on the train. He hasn't been dressed according to etiquette, which wasn’t common in the first class wagon...

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